It Takes a Village, to Buy a Building?

It Takes a Village, to Buy a Building?

We, the Work Hard PGH Cooperative, are excited to announce the acquisition of the commercial property at 120 Millbridge Street. The 10,000 sq. ft. brick warehouse is situated on almost a full City block of property in the Allentown neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

It will be the future home of key activities and programs that support equitable access to entrepreneurship and the education of people trying to enter the tech and tech adjacent economy.

Getting to acquisition has been a long journey that has required the continuous support of many people and organizations. It took five offers, on three different properties, and almost 2 years to complete. We’d like to acknowledge and thank all that have contributed to the process.

Collaborators like LISC and the Urban Redevelopment Authority had to step up and provide financing. Stephanie and Zak at Neighborhood Allies and Tom at Palo Alto Consulting provided unyielding support in the form of commercial real estate consulting. Friends in our neighborhood like The Hilltop Alliance and RE360 helped to navigate the politics and deal flow, while providing important insights into the market. Our lawyers, the Zegarelli Law Group and accountants E.G. Connelly and Associates continually improve our cooperative organizing structures so that more and different kinds of people can find benefit from this acquisition. Philanthropic partners, who support our programming, and like to remain nameless help to keep the lights on. And finally, our nonprofit partners, New Sun Rising and The Pittsburgh Chamber of Cooperatives always keep us on mission.

No doubt COVID-19 has changed the need for physical spaces. But, we still deeply believe that commercial real estate assets should be owned and operated by the people living in Pittsburgh neighborhoods. In the next 12 months, in partnership with our community, we’ll start building an asset that will serve the neighborhood for decades to come.

What that looks like is an open question.

We know that our commitment to condensed technical education and contract work for freelancers will continue at greater scale through our agency, WH Digital. Work Hard Pittsburgh will have the ability to provide more affordable spaces to collaborate to community members. And, our commitments to social justice and equity will be amplified.

What’s beyond, is up to you, Allentown.