Meet the Coop Members – Brian Conway – Next Pittsburgh & Tripsburgh

Meet Brian Conway.  He is a freelance journalist, report, writer, photographer, and social media specialist based at Work Hard Pittsburgh.  You may have read some of his work at the City Paper or Next Pittsburgh.  Learn more about Brian from our request Meet the Coop Member Q&A.

How did you get started working in freelance journalism?

“I took over a music blog in 2010 and from there I just kept going by writing concert previews, going to concerts taking photos…From there I started writing freelance articles at the City Paper.  From there I got recognized by Next Pittsburgh starting as Music Editor and now City Design Editor covering city development news. I’ve also now started investigative reporting for the City Paper and various outlets.”

What do you like about best about Work Hard’s co-working environment?

“To be honest, it’s the people here. I think there is a great community and everyone’s heart seems like it’s in the right place.  There are a lot of people doing community minded work…working toward the greater good…. I think that’s what differentiates us at Work Hard Pittsburgh.  We’re not necessarily in this for profits (but) to establish a better community and a better Pittsburgh.”

What have been some of the most enjoyable projects you’ve worked on?

“Recently, I spent two months working on a big investigative piece for the City Paper on lead and Pittsburgh water.  The roots of that actually started here at Work Hard…talking with other coop members were able to introduce me to some experts in the field and I sort of took it from there.  I just ran today.”

Who have been some of your more unique clients?

“I’ve worked mostly with local publications and the extent of stories I’ve written over the last year while at Work Hard Pittsburgh run the gamete: a new barber shop opening in the Hill District, different bands that come to town, water storage at a music festival…The more that I write, the more that I get to discover the city and the people within the city.”

What gap does Work Hard Pittsburgh fill in the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

“Work Hard is an affordable work environment for freelancers such as myself, other co-working spaces in Pittsburgh are cost prohibitive for a lot of other freelancers and entrepreneurs.  Work Hard makes it possible for freelancers to have a professional work environment.”

How does WHPGH’s cooperative structure add value?
“It instills an ownership in the members here and encourages us to be invested in not only the coop but the community were in.  It gives us a literal stake in the ownership of our future.

I think there is a real strength in numbers members here.  Members are not afraid to approach each other and see just what everyone is working on.  Members do look out for each other, there is a true community.”  We can support or work with each other on projects based on interests or specialties.  “Each of us is much stronger together than we would be on our own.”

Starting in 2017, Brian will be launching a new Pittsburgh-based music and culture site,  More information can be found about Tripsburgh on Facebook,  Twitter or contact Brian at