Meet the Coop Members – Lewis Johnson – Bigg Dog Management Services

A little over a year ago, Lewis decided to walk through the door at Work Hard Pittsburgh.  Lewis’ decision to walk through the Work Hard’s door has helped change his business as well as the Hilltop neighborhoods.  

Recently, Lewis sat down with us for the first of a series of “Meet the Members.” Below are highlights from our Q&A.

Bigg Dog Maintenance Services provides cleaning and maintenance including auto, residential, commercial, and lawn/snow care.  Bigg Dog aims to please the customer and work diligently to make the customer happy while creating an environment that we can all do well in.  

You can find out more about Bigg Dog Maintenance Services by calling 412-224-3557.


Q – How did you get started?

“I got out of prison in 1991. No one would give me a job and I needed money.  I started asking around ‘Can I sweep your sidewalk?…Can I clean your storefront?’ It started to blossom into something…  I got someone to believe in me and he invested in me.”  

He later owned a franchise but wanted to start his own business after learning the trade.  This was the start of Bigg Dog Maintenance Services in 2008.

Q – What do you like best about Work Hard’s co-working environment?

“The best thing I like about the Work Hard environment is the diversity of people and the genuine friendliness of people as well as the genuine concern of the people that service you in here those things within at …gave me a second wind…and restored my faith in people.  I walked in these doors…and people continue to help me go further.”

Q – Where do you see your business in a few years?

I have big dreams for this. Right now I’m small and growing.  I’ve been working with several of the elderly and single mothers in the neighborhood and helping them out.  We’re looking to build up. I’m trying to build this not only to help myself but to be an employer to provide jobs and show others there is another way and a positive way.”

Q – What gap does Work Hard Pittsburgh fill in the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Information as well as resources.  “I’ve been attempting to get any information… to no avail until about a year ago I walked through Work Hard’s doors.  They don’t hold it back.  They’ll tell it to you if they know it, and if they don’t, someone knows. And will direct you to that person.”

Q – How does Work Hard’s cooperative structure add value?

It adds value to my business because those that are participating in this co-op are here to lend their talents and their knowledge to help me to thrive and build.  We pass on the knowledge to each other.


It’s all about cooperation to go further and build each other up.  That’s what I value here most.