Welcome #AcademyPGH2

Academy Pittsburgh Session 2 (#AcademyPGH2) is in full gear in week 2 of learning code and much more.  Here is what some of the students have to say so far….


“Academy Pittsburgh has already demystified the scary walls of text that code was to me before I started. It’s a super helpful environment that I feel lucky to be a part of and I’m excited to come to class every day! ” Orion, Manchester

“It’s been without a doubt the most challenging thing I’ve ever tried to tackle. But I’m constantly reassured by past Academy grads and those around me. That helps me wade through the more complicated days. Ultimately, we’re training for a new career and with that comes practice and patience. John and all of those involved with Academy Pgh seem to have an endless amount of belief in our abilities and willingness to help.” Bridget, Manchester

“I am loving AcademyPGH so far. It feels like everyday is an opportunity to get better at what we have done before and to take on new things. My only regret is that we will be leaving C# so soon, as it is my first and greatest coding love.” Josh, South Side Slopes

“I have wanted to learn to code for a long time, but I was overwhelmed and did not know where to begin. On the first day our teacher, John, said that we are going to learn how to learn to code. That seems like a very realistic goal for a twelve-week program. So far our experience in C# and Ruby along with our interactions with our “T.A.’s” – experienced developers – has helped us understand that no one can know all there is to know about even one language. But I now I have had a beginning and know how to go on learning.” Cindy, Pittsburgh